Birthday Adventures in Julian, California

January 24, 2015

How about a super late post for ya?

My birthday, November 23rd, is something that I never really plan out. after I hit 21, I basically didn't really care to celebrate it anyway. Something about being the center of attention gives me the slightest bit of anxiety. Now at 23, I told my friends that if they wanted to plan something that they totally could. A week before my birthday, thanks to Young the Giant's "In The Open" video sessions, I made last minute plans to go on a photo adventure to Julian. I thought to myself, "You know what, I like being outdoors and taking pictures. Why didn't I think of this sooner?!" I texted my closest friends and being the awesome friends they are, everything was a go. We stopped at random locations on the way to Julian for some photo worthy moments before getting to eat their delicious pie. My friend Marissa met us at the Julian Pie Company bakery after she got off work and we quickly got in line. While in line, someone told us that there was only two choices of pie left and the Caramel Dutch Apple (aka my favorite, aka the best pie ever) was one of them. The birthday Gods were truly on my side that they wouldn't let me leave without my taste-buds truly celebrating my twenty-three years of existence. After the Julian adventures, we headed over to my house to eat some more delicious food. One of my favorite Mexican foods is Guajolotes (turkey is the literal translation but it's also a type of food). It's basically a torta with a chicken (or whatever type of meat or no meat) enchilada, cheese, beans and salsa inside. Just thinking about it makes me drool because it's one of the tastiest things. After chowing down on some delicious Mexican food, we ended up watching the AMA's. Totally not planned as we were supposed to play video games but Lorde and Iggy Azalea were performing and God knows how much I love them. After that we were all beat from the trek and decided to call it a night. After all, 23 years of age calls for an early bed time. Overall, this was probably one of my favorite birthdays thus far. Up there with it was my 18th birthday full of Guitar Hero with friends and my rad Scooby-Doo cake. Thanks to my extremely rad friends for making it such a happy day :)

Pictures below by Alfonso Espinoza

Stoked out of my mind on my Harry Styles b-day cupcake

Pie = A Happy Ana

Stay Classy Y'all

Acting like I'm not impressed with Julian Hard Cider

Marissa kicked my butt at air hockey and I wasn't even mad


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