Lookbook - Freddy & Jason vs The Rain

January 26, 2015

Yooo. For a while I wanted to start a series of "lookbooks". Whether they're lazy outfits (like today) or slightly more dressy, I'm doing this so I can explore the "art of fashion". Basically wear things that I would normally think twice of wearing or pair something out of the ordinary. More or less like something Captain Underpants would wear. HASHTAG FASHION!

This weekend my best friend Alfonso and I went thrifting as I was basically on house arrest all week because of my wisdom teeth taken out. Since it was a rare rainy day in San Diego, I thought this outfit would be appropriate. Among the pieces I bought, was this Freddy vs. Jason shirt. I swooped it so fast that Sonic would be proud. For only 95 cents, I was completely sold (see what I did there?). As I kept browsing I found this rad 80's looking jacket and oh man was I in heaven!  I was especially stoked to find out it was a size small and a perfect fit. Paring it with black skinny jeans and my target
shoes was more than enough for a slightly warm, breezy, rainy day.

Photos by Uriel Espinoza

Pacific Trail Jacket - thrifted / similar here
Freddy vs Jason Shirt - Amazon
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Target

Sad girls club because I can't crunch on delicious Doritos yet


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