New Year, New Adventures Part I

January 04, 2016

I'm spending the new year in Seattle, Washington with my family since I had some credit on my Southwest account. It's one of my top favorite cities to travel, not just because I have family and friends here, but because I always have the most amazing time exploring and taking photos. To be honest though, the family and friends part make up like 80% of why I love visiting. ;)

We treated the new year like Christmas since we had presents for family here and we couldn't celebrate with the day of. When it was my turn to open my gift from my brother and sister-in-law (Viri), I was extremely excited. I even got my little helper (niece Juliet) to help open my present, haha. When I opened it, I was super stoked to see that I had gotten Star Wars shoes! When I opened up the box, to my surprise I had gotten something Star Wars that was super exclusive. "LIMITED EDITION YODA SLIPPERS! WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED!" I laughed as I put them on. Honestly love my prankster family. Viri brought out the real shoes and it was some Stormtrooper Vans. AW YEAH!

That quality though!

This past weekend we went to a place called Snoqualmie Pass. Definitely the most snow I've seen my entire life. We went from green trees to them being completely covered in snow. It was mostly a short family trip so we could see what Narnia looks like in person. There were tons of skiers and snowboarders having the time of their life. After taking a few family photos, I went out to explore by myself. I went straight to some trees where no one was hanging out in. I was being cautious because being from California, I didn't know how to snow. I walked into the forest and was greeted with what I later found out was "soft snow". My leg sunk into the snow and basically I'm now a snow expert, haha. I left that part of the forest on search for another location with less soft snow. 

Walking towards the car, I saw some people sliding down a part of the snow that was definitely also climbable, I decided to give it a go since it looked like it was a bit safer. Walking passed the people, I noticed that there was a walkable open field. The whole time I went into Man vs Wild mode in case I saw a dangerous animal or I sunk into the snow and had to eat my own arm for survival. Once I got to the open field, I lost track of footsteps, which I assumed that everywhere else was covered in soft snow so I just took photos from where I was. At this point, my gloves were already a bit wet from sliding down the hill and started to loose feeling in my hands. My iPhone also kind of froze that it shut down by itself. Goodbye queued snapchats! After being mesmerzied by the amount of beauty I had captured, I decided to go back to the car where the rest of my family was waiting for me. The photos don't do this place justice. I'd look at the back of my screen and then back to the awesome landscape and thought that I just couldn't capture the beauty that nature actually is. 


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