Winter Is Coming!

December 08, 2015

After a rocky start to our Mt. Laguna adventures, we finally arrived and it was worth the two hours we lost. Bad apple map directions are the worst. Anyway! I've only seen snow maybe once when I was a kid and it was so strange. I know there are other places COVERED with it that this is next to nothing, but don't ruin it for me guys, I'm from San Diego. Snow is awesome until you can't feel your hands from throwing snowballs at your best friend for a while. Alfonso, Haylie and I were in photo heaven! Can we go back please and have some hot apple cider while taking photos? Thank you. I'll be in Seattle, WA at the end of the month and I'm planning a snowier trip. Wish me luck!

Have you guys taken any snowy trips this winter? Do you live in what seems like the North Pole? Send me photos on twitter!

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