31 Days of Halloween; THE FINAL IMAGES

November 02, 2015

Hello guys and gals! If you're reading this, you've probably been keeping up with my 31 Days of Halloween project. If not, every year for the past three years I've been doing a series of Halloween photos in the month of October. The first year (2013) consisted of 31 self portraits with a Halloween theme. The next year I did a total of 15 photos and this year I bring you 31 photos again! I thought I'd put the rest of the 16 photos up on this blog with links to Flickr & 500px as always. Many people were asking why I hadn't posted more self-portraits on this series so I thought I'd end the month with some. It worked out because October got a little busy for me and I ended up modeling for myself. I want to thank all my lovely models that were part of this series and for letting me put crazy stuff on you. *heart emoji*

Day 16 "Float"
 Model: Melissa Goodman

Day 17 "In Love"

Day 18 "Hidden"

Day 19 "Wish"

Day 20 "Haunt"

Day 21 "Fatality"

Day 22 "Vampira"

Day 23 "Woman In Black"

Day 24 "Seek"
Flickr | 500px

Day 25 "Experiment"
Flickr | 500px

Day 26 "Disease"
Flickr | 500px

Day 27 "Runway"

Day 28 "Infection"
Flickr | 500px

Day 29 "hors d'oeuvres"
Flickr | 500px

Day 30 "Dia de los Muertos"
Flickr | 500px

Day 31 "The Infected"
Flickr | 500px


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