Museum of Ice Cream

June 21, 2017

ICE CREAM! My best friends and I went to L.A. last Saturday for some ice cream adventures. A few months ago I was obsessed on trying to get tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream because who doesn't like ice cream? I recommend signing up for their e-mail list and following them on Instagram. Guess what? They'll be going on sale TOMORROW THURSDAY @9AM PST. So follow my advice and do that right now...I'll wait for you to come back...done? Okay lets continue. Our first adventure was to fill our emo souls with some black ice cream from Little Damage. They had some interesting flavors and I ended up getting the Unicorn Tears as it was tastier, in my opinion, than the Dark Cinns (black ice cream). Pair it with Fruity Pebbles if you end up getting it, so delicious! The best part about the shop is that it's 10 minutes from the museum so you can park at the museum early, Uber to Little Damage before your appt. and ride back to avoid the parking hassle by the shop. LD had a huge line so make sure you estimate around 40 mins in line if you want to make your appointment on time. We did go on a hot af Saturday around  4PM. Just a heads up, the museum does have valet parking (around $7 when I went) and a lot of  free street parking around. The Museum of Ice Cream was so much fun! Not only is it Instagram-able but you learn a few ice cream fun facts. Did you know that President Obama used to work at a Baskin Robins? Or that George Washington spent $200 over a summer which equals to $5,000 today. BALLER. To be honest, if I had that kind of money I'd buy myself and all my friends ice cream year round. I highly recommend the museum if you're a fan of bananas, sprinkle pools and well, ice cream. Make sure to do an impromptu photo shoot with the awesome pink building like we did. ;) 

 Totally not about to cry because I love bananas and swings.


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