"Sunrise" featuring Katelyn Krysinski

February 16, 2015

I'm in North Carolina at the moment taking a 9 day vacation and spending it with my boyfriend and his family. While my boyfriend is working out, I thought I'd share with you the photos I made with my friend Katelyn before leaving for my east coast trip. Katelyn has always been extremely supportive of not just my art work, but of many artists. I had a special promotion for photo shoots the week before I left and she was the first to jump at it. I am so in love with the way these came out and I could not wait to show you any longer.

For anyone that is interested in having a photo shoot like this, I'll be doing a special promotion when I return to San Diego. Keep up with me on instagram (@anabphoto) for details next week!

Makeup by me & Katelyn


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